Email sent to Paul Johnson, Vice Chancellor of University of W,A.

Dear Vice Chancellor Johnson

As you have decided to install Bjorn Lomborg into your university, at, it is reported, the behest of the Federal Government, you have exposed your university to ridicule.

Where it is reported that this ‘think tank’ is not specifically to investigate the effects etc., of our warming planet, you and the Government are deluded if you believe the general public will swallow this. Of course Bjorn Lomborg will widely publicise his warped views regarding Climate Change, and satisfy the desires of this Government to grossly downplay the devastating consequences of not taking strong and effective actions to mitigate our very high emissions.

I feel that you and your supporters have done no research of Lomborg, or of his standing in his own country or with scientists both in Denmark and Worldwide.

Therefore, I am taking the liberty to include in this email, a link to an article revealing Lomborg’s credentials to be more than just suspect.

Please read:

Yours faithfully

Rhona Eastment

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