Asking Tim Wilson

Tim, could you please explain to me, and to the general public, why you would call on Labor to agree to a plebiscite on Same Sex Marriage (marriage equality)? This unnecessary plebiscite is to cost $160million, or more likely than not with reference to Price Waterhouse Cooper, $525-odd million. Governments are voted in by the citizens of this Country to actually govern FOR them, not for the ideology of the particular members. That is what you are paid for. The extremely slight edge you have on Labor, which puts you in the position of the Government., doesn’t give you any ‘mandate’, a totally misused expression, for your government to impose its draconian ideology onto, we the people’. I am scared of your government and what it is doing to this once wonderful Country. I am disgusted with what you are doing to the once INDEPENDENT ABC.


You and you fellow ministers must understand that you are not revered by the public, more and more your ideology is being reviled. You are dividing this Country and taking us backwards. The most important issue of all is effective, that is EFFECTIVE action on our fast warming World.


Angry is not sufficient for what I feel, and I can assure you, I am not alone.


Please, actually take the vote for Same Sex Marriage to Parliament. Do the job you are all being paid for.


Just as an after-note, I am retired, I am not LGBT, I am not writing on behalf of anyone, just as a concerned citizen of this, MY Country.


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