OK, so, if you care about the safe future of Australia, please don’t hesitate to READ this Article about The Institute of Public Affairs. This Far Right Wing Think Tank has far more influence on the Coalition, than any union on the Labor Party. This Government has been hijacked by the Far Right, and Turnbull is beholden to them – if you want to lose any more of our citizen rights, if you don’t care about fossil fuels and emission rising, if you don’t care about our life-giving environment, about fair social welfare, and so much more,then, sure, vote for THIS very far right Coalition, tending towards Fascism – yes, in Australia .IPA agenda to re-shape Australia

By Barry Tucker                    2 March, 2013 The Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) claims to be an independent think tank. It is funded by corporate and philanthropic donations (see update, 25 …

Source: IPA agenda to re-shape Australia


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