Email to Andrew Hastie, Canning candidate for Liberal Party

Dear Andrew Hastie

Having read that you will not reveal your religious views to the voters of Canning, I wish to stress to you how important it is for potential voters to have a profile of the person they will be voting for to represent them and their view.

It is your responsibility to be open and frank about topics which are of high importance to the public regarding any person who is nominating to represent them.

Therefore, I feel you must, that is, must, reveal your views on crucial issues such as, No. 1 – Mitigation of pollution, and Climate Change in particular.

Then, certainly on your religious beliefs, as these will have an impact on your decisions.

In addition, as you are nominating to be part of Australia’s governing body, you are required to give your views on such as the importance of science, and on Australia’s position on war, and importantly on education and health.

I shall be publishing this email, so as to be able to also publish your response (or lack of).

Thank you in advance, for your detailed ( I hope) reply.

Yours sincerely

Rhona Eastment


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