Facebook Comment to Ian MacFarlane

Ian MacFarlane, we Australians have every right to oppose a project which will influence the health and safety of Australians into the present and distant future. We have every right to protect our environment throughout the whole continent. This proposed coal mine is a threat to my future and the future of everyone’s children and their children. That very fact gives me and the rest of Australia the RIGHT to protect our environment, our biodiversity (without which we will not survive) and our oceans. Your Government sees only the short-term $$$, and promotes foreign industries in preference to Australians. You were actually elected to govern for we the people of Australia. Your Government is misrepresenting the number of jobs the Adani mining project will supply. It has been admitted by Adani itself that there will never be 10,000 jobs, yet your Government keeps telling this lie. In fact there will probably be something like around 1400 or so over time, As it is, there is so much information now regarding fossil fuels and the fact that it is imperative we reduce/stop burning NOW. I am sure you have already read and dismissed this. You really shouldn’t dismiss it. Surprisingly your Government doesn’t actually know more than the 99% of Climate Scientists around the World, nor the ‘Union of Concerned Scientists’. Time now to actually start to govern for US.


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