George Christensen MP- Facebook post re Tax-free Charity Status

  • George, you had better publish these allegations. I am tired of having all rights to voice opposition to cruelty, environmental destruction, and opportunity to challenge decisions, being squashed by a right-wing political party. IF you succeed in abolishing tax-free charity status to highly respected environmental organisations, YOU HAD BETTER MAKE SURE THAT THE IPA loses its tax-free charity status too. You mentioned environmental groups were political. There is no more a political organisation than the IPA. Your Government is becoming “on the nose” more than the cartoon you depict referencing environmental groups. Those of you posting support, take very good notice of the damage being done, and to the near and far future which will impact on you and your decendents. No joke, no dramatics – FACT. We need to begin right now to take huge steps to protect our Country, our environment, which means bio-diversity, before it is trashed. Take note again, no life on Earth can live with a degraded bio-diverse environment.

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