Email to Senator Brandis re Larissa Waters’ Senate Question re Pope

Senator George Brandis

Having just witnessed your reply to Larissa Waters in the Senate, regarding the Pope’s Encyclical, ( ) I must say that I thought, rather than Larissa’s comments being disgusting, that your reply was disgusting.  You are a representative of Australia, as a whole, that is, not just your rusted-on far right-wing supporters, but for all of we Australians.  The majority of Australians now, are very much aware of the dangers we face with continued use of COAL.  The rest of the World is aware of the dangers of continued use of COAL.  Therefore the question was a perfectly reasonable one.  There is no point in complaining of the reference to religion, now, especially as the Pope has taken this courageous step. The actions of your Roman Catholic ministry are going to be scrutinised.   

In the case of formulating policy to mitigate the highly polluting effects of green house gases, particularly coal, your government has taken the position of ignoring the science, and promoting an industry which is destructive.  Then, actively trying to destroy an industry which will have great mitigating affects.  Through your Government’s denial, Australia is being left behind in the exciting new direction of Renewable Energy, and you are, and will be into history, judged harshly. We, the people of Australia, will hold you to account, and to my mind, your Government should be sued for not implementing “duty of care” to the Australian people, whilst you are in office

Luckily, Australia is now waking up to the cover-ups and lies your Government has implemented to continue the mining of COAL, and hopefully, the pressures will demand you take more positive action, to protect we Australians and take us into a sustainable future, rather than that which you are promoting at this present time.

Larissa not disgusting, but the COALITION’S/your stance, is disgusting.  Please take note.  


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