Dear Rhona


Thank you for your thoughtful email commenting on the establishment of the Australian Consensus Centre in the UWA Business School and the appointment of Dr Lomborg to an adjunct position with UWA. 


The Centre’s purpose is to apply the principles of cost-benefit analysis to a range of global development issues as well as to specifically Australian issues.  As I am sure you know, cost-benefit analysis is a powerful methodology which attempts to identify the full-life return on investment of different policy options so that they can be evaluated against each other in economic terms, even though the policy options may pertain to very different areas of social and economic activity.  This form of analysis is transparent, and so encourages frank discussion – something to which this University is deeply committed. 


With respect to Dr Lomborg’s views on the carbon economy he is on the record as saying that climate change is real – it is man-made and an important problem.  He challenges how best to tackle and prioritise the problem, given limited resources and competing humanitarian causes.  In his work with a large number of researchers and policy experts who have been undertaking cost-benefit analysis on the next phase of the UN Development Goals (Lomborg, The Smartest Targets for the World 2016-2030), the two top energy related recommendations are that the fossil fuel energy subsidies should be phased out, and that energy related R&D should be doubled. 


Thank you for your interest in the work of this university.


Paul Johnson




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