I am contacting you by Direct Action, with the expectation that this will bring results, just as you, it appears, expect that your Direct Action plan for Climate Change will bring positive results.

Therefore, my request by direct action is, that you furnish me with the facts and figures that you and your Government have used to come to the conclusions announced in Parliament yesterday. Conclusions stating that your Government will have the best Climate Change policy of any Country, or words to that effect. That your targets will be better than those aimed at at present, (although those targets are far too low to make any difference at all to our Country’s excessive Carbon Emissions) In fact, I would like information covering everything you spoke about regarding this issue, in Parliament.

I make this request as a Citizen of Australia. My understanding is that government is elected to make policy that will ensure the health, safety and well being of all its citizens. As you are pursuing a Libertarian ideology, of small government, low taxes, and generally citizens do what they want within the Law, this can only hurt the population that is not in the bracket of the wealthy. The so-called science advisers you use, are members of the Institute of Public Affairs, but I believe that you should move away from these to use eminent, peer-reviewed scientists, of which Australia is well blessed with many.

I also believe that you should put much more resources into re-attracting the big investors, foreign and Australian to pursue their large Renewable Energy installations, to catch p with the rest of the World.

Much more can be said on this subject, but suffice to say, for now, I would hope that you honour this request and within a reasonably SHORT period of time, furnish me with the figures and facts that I have requested.
Thank you for your time, I believe this should be passed to you personally and I look forward to your reply.
Yours sincerely
Rhona Eastment


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