Memo to Tony Abbott re Liberal Party Facebook Page post

Australian Liberal Party Facebook Page  –

Post  “We Have Made Progress in 2014″

My message to Liberal Party and to Tony, on my take of what they have done to Australia:

C’mon  Tony, tell the truth for a change. You will be building  stronger Australia for Rupert, Gina, IPA, fossil fuel industries, and all ‘big business’.  Certainly not what you should actually be doing, that is building a stronger, SAFER, economically sound Australia for ALL Australians.  With the axing of the very important CarbonPrice(not tax), the damage done to all agencies that were doing an excellent and  imperative job, in Climate Change mitigation, the continued effort to wind back the RET, all you have done is to send Australia back into the ‘dark ages’ of advancement, and lost our premier position in the World with renewable energy technology. You have preached investment in Australia, but by wanting to abolish the RET, so many big Foreign Renewable Energy Businesses pulled out of projects which were about to commence. Your Government has borrowed $billions more since being in Government (the proof is out there), and you are still blaming Labor for all your woes.  Wake up.  Start to govern for all Australians.  Fix the damage you have inflicted on our education system, on our health system, our taxation system, and the most important of all the huge damage you are inflicting on our very precious environment.  All those that groan and say ‘not a Greenie’, should wake up too.  Remember, without a healthy productive. natural environment, we will not survive.  We won’t survive with a degraded landscape (coal mining a prime offender, with coal seam gas a close second), with extinction of native animals which have been paramount in keeping plague species in check and surviving well under the ‘top to bottom feeder’ system.  Once this is unbalanced, all hell breaks loose.  By surrounding your Government with self-interest, vested interest, climate deniers, you are doing Australia a great disservice, and you will be remembered for this into the future, “


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