Angry Letter to IPA re ABC

I want to let you know that you are JUST a right-wing think tank. You are not the ‘voice of Australia’. You must desist immediately in trying to twist the ABC to your narrow libertarian style which is not wanted by Australians.

The ABC is NOT leftist. AS a matter of fact, I was cranky with some of the presenters during the last run-up to the elections, for being more right-wing biased. Which only goes to prove that we are all human, and have leanings. It is NOT your place to try to influence the ABC or our Government. With this Government, you have unprecedented influence, but hopefully that will be eradicated.

Australians will not stand for interference of this kind, and as you may be aware, the tide is rising now, against such influences as your organisation promotes.

You denial of the scientific FACT of the dangerous warming of our Planet, is damaging to we the people of Australia and our environment, our flora and fauna, our bio-diversity, our oceans. You talk of wealth through fossil fuels, which shows your collective greed and ignorance.

The way of the future is through renewable energy, as fossil fuels have been irrevocably proven to be now a danger to our future. Your reliance on your greed is unforgivable.

You will NOT win. Be very assured of this. Your flawed scientific advice from such as Bob Carter, David Evans, Joanna Nova, (so-called) Lord Monkton etc., is indicative of your closed minds and your greed. I certainly hope that none of you have children or grandchildren, as you would be consigning them to a ‘very damaged Earth’ if you were successful.

In closing, again, get your hands off OUR ABC. We will FIGHT


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