OPEN LETTER: Senator Day

Dear Senator Day

You have been elected to represent Australians and to make decisions on bills in the Senate, that will affect all Australians. You spoke on ABC RN recently and indicated that you are a skeptic, or probably more accurately, a denier of the science of Global Warming.

In the interview you advised that you have a ‘science background’, so I would like to ask you now, just what is it that you studied, graduated in, received a doctorate in, or similar?

I need to know this, as you will be making a decision which will adversely or otherwise affect both the population of Australia and myself, from now on. You see, I find it hard to accept that you are going to be making these decisions that will affect me, considering your stance on climate change. I want you to tell me what makes you think that you have the right to vote on your prejudiced opinion in your present position, rather than an intelligently informed decision from the experts in this field. I want you to tell me why you think you are better informed and researched than the, at least, 97% of CLIMATE scientists the World-over.

You say that the Carbon PRICE is costing too much. Strange, as tax cuts were introduced by the Gillard government to compensate for the effects of the Carbon Price, charged only to the ‘big polluters’. Do you have any concept of the cost to Australia, with the increase in catastrophic weather events, which we are even now beginning to experience? Costs in human life, human property loss, and the HUGE COST of constantly replacing infrastructure destroyed in these weather events. The carbon price has been performing well. The rest of the World is now beginning to wake up and introduce either carbon taxes or Emission Trading Schemes. Look up the ABC Fact Check.

My future, the future of my family and friends, and overall, the future of all Australians basically depends on people like you, in your position. With all the evidence-based knowledge now, the years of in-depth research and analysis and whatever else, performed by these multitudes of Climate Scientists, with the extremely worrying changes happening in the Arctic and in the Antarctic, in the oceans just to name a few significant areas, there can be no doubt as to the changing climate and its devastating effects.

The agencies created to expedite accurate information regarding the changing climate and methods to help mitigate the causes must not be repealed. The Carbon Price must only be repealed if an effective Emissions Trading Scheme is to replace it, if we are to make any impression at all in staving off much of the catastrophes associated with the accelerating Global Warming.

Therefore, it is of vital importance that you understand your position. You do not have the right to impose your personal opinions on the rest of Australia. Your job is to research accurately, and without your pre-formed bias, and then to vote for the best outcome for ‘we the people of Australia’. I hold you to this.

Rhona Eastment


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