Write to G Hunt – NO MANDATE to Repeal Carbon Price/Trading Scheme

If we Australians care enough about our present safety and future, about the future of our especially important environment of Australia, then we will all write letters to Greg Hunt MP, Minister for the Environment, to dis-illusion him of his claim that his Government has a ‘mandate’ to repeal the Carbon (not tax) Trading Scheme (oh and cc it to Clive Palmer). Not a joke. This is so serious, if we allow the carbon trading scheme to be repealed, with either Direct Action replacing it, or nothing replacing it, we will be, by our silence, agreeing to this repeal and putting Australia in the position of a ‘rogue nation’ in regard to taking no effective action. We were once lauded internationally, now we are reviled.
If it will help, here are his contact details:
Greg hunt MP
P O Box 6022
House of representatives
Parliament House

and my favourite communication tool,

Twitter: Greg Hunt MP

Clive Palmer: Twitter @CliveFPalmer

PO Box 1978
Sunshine Plaza, QLD, 4558

They both have Facebook pages

Over to you if you care enough…..


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