To:  Warren Entsch MP

How offensive I find the web site newly created by the Minerals Council of Australia, namely ‘Australians for Coal’. This is a dangerous step to take, when we should be eliminating fossil fuels from our atmosphere. The IPCC has positively proven that action to mitigate carbon pollution is now critical. Your Government must be held to account, for its disregard for the care and safety of its population. I am dismayed and appalled at the attitude taken by the LNP. The rest of the World is moving to a carbon pricing system. To think it is OK to continue to mine coal, and use petroleum, is living in ‘la la land’. We can’t afford to do this. There is now too much evidence for this to be brushed off, and to take the easy option of ‘do nothing’ or very little, and not to ‘rock the boat’ financially. We are going to be suffering far more, sooner than later, if we continue down this path of burning coal. There are options and ways and means of approaching the reduction of coal and petroleum useage, as has been pointed out by members of the IPCC. As it is, living here, 3 cat.5 cyclones in 8 years. This is an escalating factor. We must act, or more and more people are going suffer death or illness, as the planet continues to warm, and disease and catastrophic weather events increase.


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