Write to G Hunt – NO MANDATE to Repeal Carbon Price/Trading Scheme

If we Australians care enough about our present safety and future, about the future of our especially important environment of Australia, then we will all write letters to Greg Hunt MP, Minister for the Environment, to dis-illusion him of his claim that his Government has a ‘mandate’ to repeal the Carbon (not tax) Trading Scheme (oh and cc it to Clive Palmer). Not a joke. This is so serious, if we allow the carbon trading scheme to be repealed, with either Direct Action replacing it, or nothing replacing it, we will be, by our silence, agreeing to this repeal and putting Australia in the position of a ‘rogue nation’ in regard to taking no effective action. We were once lauded internationally, now we are reviled.
If it will help, here are his contact details:
Greg hunt MP
P O Box 6022
House of representatives
Parliament House

and my favourite communication tool,

Twitter: Greg Hunt MP

Clive Palmer: Twitter @CliveFPalmer

PO Box 1978
Sunshine Plaza, QLD, 4558

They both have Facebook pages

Over to you if you care enough…..


Science and the Ill-informed

Senator George Brandis


Could you please explain to me, a citizen of Australia, (and as such someone you and your party should be enacting laws to protect and keep safe), why it is you think that scientists and people who have an intelligence and caring for this wonderful country and our unbelievably beautiful World, should debate proven science with just the opinions of people who deny the science of climate change? The people who deny don’t have peer-reviewed proven science behind their ‘opinions’.  They deny for I guess many reasons, mostly fear of loss of wealth I should imagine.  Your party and particularly, your leader, Tony Abbott, has much to answer for in his rhetoric as well.  Then you have The Murdoch Press, perpetuating the myth of ‘lack of proof’ and of course your precious shock-jocks. 


Your job, George Brandis, is to govern this Country in an intelligent, unbiased, way, for “we the people”.  Your job is not to govern at the behest of the Institute of Public Affairs, whose list of 75 ideas for you to govern by, then added another 25, it seems you are gradually working your way through.


The climate is changing, I am in my 60s, and am noticing many things.  We have just had our 3rd Category 5 cyclone threatening Far North Queensland in 8 years, the last one just two (2) years ago.  This is not normal.  This is scarey.  This is going to be extremely costly for Government.  Constant Infrastructure repairs, compensation, damage repairs, lost lives, all through catastrophic weather events, happening now.  Fires, floods, high-catogory cyclones, drought.  Time your Government had a change of heart.  Re-instituted the Climate Council, and all departments related to working to mitigating our carbon pollution.  Time you relented on your stance to repeal the Carbon (not tax) Trading Scheme.  Time you appointed a Minister for Science.  Time you actually started to govern for “we the people” and not for the corporations, mining barons and upper echelon.  Time you stopped re-inventing the truth.


Yes this is hard-hitting but I am appalled at the direction you and your government are taking this wonderful Country, Australia.  The environmental damage you are advocating, the disregard for the flora and fauna of Australia, that is our bio-diversity, the very thing that keeps us alive and healthy.  The mining which is destroying our land.


Yes, it is time you had a change of direction and actually cared for the people of Australia.




To:  Warren Entsch MP

How offensive I find the web site newly created by the Minerals Council of Australia, namely ‘Australians for Coal’. This is a dangerous step to take, when we should be eliminating fossil fuels from our atmosphere. The IPCC has positively proven that action to mitigate carbon pollution is now critical. Your Government must be held to account, for its disregard for the care and safety of its population. I am dismayed and appalled at the attitude taken by the LNP. The rest of the World is moving to a carbon pricing system. To think it is OK to continue to mine coal, and use petroleum, is living in ‘la la land’. We can’t afford to do this. There is now too much evidence for this to be brushed off, and to take the easy option of ‘do nothing’ or very little, and not to ‘rock the boat’ financially. We are going to be suffering far more, sooner than later, if we continue down this path of burning coal. There are options and ways and means of approaching the reduction of coal and petroleum useage, as has been pointed out by members of the IPCC. As it is, living here, 3 cat.5 cyclones in 8 years. This is an escalating factor. We must act, or more and more people are going suffer death or illness, as the planet continues to warm, and disease and catastrophic weather events increase.